The tanker cleaning installation is sited in sheltered waters within the harbour break-water and is equipped with its private jetty, own capacity shore tanks, hot water, steam, compressed air and wash water supply, heavy duty hydraulically operated salvage pumps and other required facilities.

All slops disposal, deballasting, tank washing, purging, inerting, gas freeing and cargo tank upgrading may be performed.

The tank cleaning station is capable of providing tank cleaning machines, hoses, ventilation fans, compressed air, steam, hot water, chemicals, flue type inert gas with lower than 2% oxygen, nitrogen and portable submersible pumps that are either air powered at larger through hydraulically actuated units that are powered engine/hydraulic pump sets outside the hazard zone. Vessels are however at liberty to use their own on board facilities if required.

Full safety considerations are inherent to the plant. The jetty and storage tanks are physically separated. Intrinsically safe equipment is used. A remotely controlled foam fire fighting system is installed. A large stock of oil dispersant is at hand.